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Grymm are a three-piece from out of Brighton in the UK and this past week they released an new single called ‘Gravity’, which is essentially a song about ” about all the ways abusive people in your life made you feel worthless, and also how their acts have traumatised you and changed you as a person,” with the band’s lead guitarist Morgan also noting how the song has a layer of self emotional aspect to it.

“You pull and wrench and tear away at me, you’re worse than gravity’ – but also how much that emotion of feeling degraded, and worn away can make you not like what you’ve become when being treated that way.”

To celebrate the release of the new song, Grymm are out on the road from 10 June to 17 July, playing gigs at Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Chichester Inn and The Hope and Ruin.

Have a listen to the new song below.

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