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‘Berlin’ is the latest offering from UK folk/Americana duo Ferris & Sylvester and it is also the freshest taste of their newly announced debut EP – out June 23. Coming off the release of ‘Save Yourself‘ back in April, Ferris & Sylvester have returned with another strong offering that showcases what happens during the confusing, awkward and lonely journey of leaving someone after a break up.

Ferris & Sylvester continue to use their trademark folk/Americana melodies – highlighted by the impeccable lyrical work by both involved – the use of their acoustic sounding percussion, and the slick, calm atmosphere.

Speaking on the song, the band noted how the “song doesn’t romanticise the situation or shy away from the stark reality of it; it shows the confusing, awkward and lonely journey of leaving someone and where that can leave you.”

“‘Berlin’ was the first song that we recorded in Space Mountain Studios with Youth and his team. We had loads of fun experimenting with the sound of this song, making it both intimate and epic.”

To celebrate the release of their new single and forthcoming EP, Ferris & Sylvester will be heading out on the road from 5 June and 12 July in Soho, Camden and Putney at Blacks Club, The Green Note and Half Moon in their respective cities.

‘Berlin’ and ‘Save Yourself’ are both taken directly from Ferris & Sylvester’s forthcoming The Yellow Line EP – due out for release June 23.

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