After spending the last year globetrotting with Anna Lunoe, Diplo and playing a whole host of sets across North America, and fine tuning the new single while also running a label, Nina Las Vegas has released the latest offering from NLV Records and the DJ, producer and record label manager’s first solo release of 2017.

Having previously released ‘Ezy or Never‘ EP back in 2016, this new single sees Nina working in collaboration with Swick on another big, atmospheric dance/EDM track for you to enjoy while your driving, dancing, or just needing a quick “pick me up,” whichever comes first.

‘Deserts’ sees Nina explore the notion of overcoming odds and taking inspiration from the real life experience of her family’s immigration to Australia from Egypt in the ’60s; showcasing the trials and triumphs Nina’s family overcame to get where they wanted to go; even going as far as to show admiration for Nina’s parents by incorporating an image Nina’s father took in 1997 and using it as part of the cover art for Deserts.

One thing I noticed throughout this single is the use of the same elements throughout Swick’s tracks, the use of that bouncy noise – I absolutely like – sporadically placed throughout the track – I don’t know if that is either a Nina or Swick trademark, but I have noticed it in Swick’s ‘Offside‘ and his latest offering with Spank Rock.

This new offering also shows how much Nina has developed as a producer and songwriter, as this is much more than just a club/dance/EDM song, this is a song that has personal story, heart and passion put into it and it shows how much Nina has also developed as a singer; as her voice – gets more than enough time – played prominently throughout the course of this nearly four minute track.

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