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Wafia is a Netherlands born, Brisbane-based multi-instrumentalist and today she has released her first solo release since her 2015 EP ‘XXIX‘, which showcased a whole lot of talent in the span of five songs.

Offering more of what fans have come to like about Wafia’s music since the 2015 EP, subsequent singles, remixes, Spotify Sessions – have given the artist more than enough time to show the world what she has to offer, which is what ’83 Days’ has proven once again.

However, this time around the story focuses on the obsession of absence in people per say; as Wafia noted in her own words, it is essentially a song about “an obsession with noting down the ways their absence was so loud and present.”

“How intangible they had become. How intangible the memories I was left with are. How I reminisce on only the highest points of the situation that I know were so bad for me. How something that ceased to exist anymore could be felt constantly.”

With the addition of heavy vocals provided by Wafia, the use of keys, synthetic sounding atmospheres and the use of computer generated percussion, ’83 Days’ is a great addition to Wafia’s already strong stable of songs.

’83 Days’ is out now via Future Classic. Have a listen below.

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