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Common Tongues are a five-piece from Brighton, UK, and they recently released a taste of what’s to come off their debut album ‘Divisions’ with the new single ‘Pioneer’.

Being hailed as their “gutsiest” song yet, the five-piece have continued to include elements of deeply personal lyrics, electronic swells, guitar, drums, bass and the presentation of their chilled sounding tracks that fans have come to like about the group since the release of their first single.

Having released an EP back in 2015, and numerous other singles since then, Common Tongues have been working to make their sound “rawer” and an element of “new edge to them.”

“I would say the sound of the record stems from us exploring the sounds we love in music and the world around us and trying to find a way of expressing them in our own way.”

Common Tongues are currently on tour to celebrate the release of the new single, with two shows already completed, the five-piece will be heading out on the road from June 18 to June 26 in Daventry and London at Daventry Weekender and The Finsbury in their respective cities.

You can have a taste of what Common Tongues has to offer with their new single below.

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