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Since the release of David Mark Bulley’s music video and new single ‘Where Do We Go From Here‘, the London-based singer-songwriter has been working hard on the release of his debut EP ‘Prologue’.

A lot of time and thought went into the production of the EP as it is more than just an EP for the sake of getting music out, it is an EP that focuses on time per say, as the EP has more to do with “growing up and the struggles” and the struggles Mark has had to face.

“Prologue is about new beginnings. It’s a timeline of growing up and the struggles I’ve faced. It’s allowed me to explain my story and I hope others can connect and find comfort from these songs.”

After having release ‘A Thousand Bonfires’ back in 2014, this new venture for David Mark Bulley is a nice avenue for the artist to express himself artistically and it is a nice follow up to an EP that was well-received within the music industry. Offering more of what fans have come to like about Mark David Bulley, ‘Prologue’ is a great addition to David’s already strong stable of tracks.


Prologue Tracklist:
Interlude: Prologue
Where Do We Go From Here
Interlude: Yesterday
Black Rainbow
Tell Me It’s Over
Interlude: Mama
World Full Of Crazy
Wonderful Life
Interlude: My Heart

David Mark Bulley’s 11-track ‘Prologue’ EP is scheduled for release June 9 via all major digital retailers and streaming services. Until then, you can have a taste of the EP with ‘Where Do We Go From Here’ below.

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