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Having previously released ‘Impasse‘ back in 2016, the Bonny Hills electronic artist has returned with another effort that shows him as one of the best new electronic artists around.

After coming to the realisation that all other electronic music is boring, Laurel noted how he “was bored to death of hearing tropical bangers and wanted to write a moodier, more reverb-soaked tune that reflected where” he was as an artist mentally.

“The juxtaposition of the faster paced beat against the brooding guitars and synth patches is the end result of the uncertainty and emotional fluctuation I was feeling while writing alone in my studio. I wanted to create something that was both distant and intrusive at the same time.”

To express his message, the Bonny Hills artist sort out the vocal skills of Byron Bay native Angie Hudson to work on the mood, vibe of the track, especially on the “ideas for the melodies.”

“Angie and I decided to name to the song ‘Polar Eyes’ because the song is about viewing a relationship between two people that you care about from the outside.”

Offering a whole lot of elements that make dark-pop and electronic music the norm these days, Laurel adds his own production work to it and the inclusion of Angie’s voice works so well. This is a team that needs to work together more often.

Laurel Laxxes’ ‘Polar Eyes’ featuring Angie Hudson is now available via all major digital retailers and streaming services.

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