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Hailing from Nashville, JMR (aka Joshua Michael Robinson) took time to regroup and tinker with his musical styling prior to working on the new EP and this first release from it, which is out May 26.

The first single off JMR’s forthcoming self-produced ‘Boyish’ EP, showcases a different attribute to the world of pop and electronic music, JMR’s ‘Bound’ offers a mix of soulful and R&B elements that aren’t seen often in the genre.

Going into more detail about the creation of the single, JMR noted how he “was in a place” in his “music career where” he “had been let down by the people,” and how additionally other had let him down, which helped the artist go in his new direction.

“I was forced to regroup and see what I really wanted to do with my voice so I built my own choir — literally and figuratively in this song.”

Having previously released an EP is 2015, ‘Bound’ is a great addition to his already strong stable of tracks. Have a listen below.

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