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Swedish producer Leonell Cassio mixes a wonderful blend of melodious tenderness and sharp electronica ins his new offering ‘Me 4 Me’, featuring the vocals of Canadian artist Julia Mihevc.

The concept for the new single came at a time in Leonell’s life when where the acceptance of his true self was completely diminished with the song being “about the darker experiences of love for me; people that couldn’t accept “me for me”.” So he wrote a song about it.

On the percussion side of the track, all those elements were created by Leonell himself. The claps, guitar, snaps, stomps, keys, everything.

“The guitar, the snapping, the clapping, the stomping, the keys, even part of the kick is my friend hitting himself really hard on his chest.”

Have a listen to this well made electronic pop offering that showcases a more dark side to the Stockholm producer below.

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