Eight piece ensemble Premiss collaborate with Coin Banks and Marksman Lloyd for the second time on their new offering ‘Just For Kicks’

Eight piece hip-hop/neo soul ensemble collaboration with Coin Banks and Marksman Lloyd on their new offering ‘Just For Kicks’

This new 10-man collaboration offers more of what fans have come to like about the eight-piece, the impeccable unconventional percussion of the eight-piece and the quick, witted and smartly written lyrics provided by Marksman Lloyd and Coin Banks.

Premiss’ bandleader and composer Brendan says their new single “is an uncompromising look at the child labour industry through the dichotomy of two young women both sleeping on the streets, but for very different reasons.”

The song tells their stories in two sections – The first focuses on a well off girl sleeping on the street the night before the release of a new limited edition pair of pumps, the second on a poor girl who made the shoes and has to sleep on the streets to maximise the profits of the industry she has been forced into.”

This is the second collaboration between the 10 artists, which was previously attempted back in 2016, when Premiss released their self-titled EP, which you can listen to over at Spotify now.

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