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LuvAbstract is an electronic-R&B artist out of Ohio and today he has released his debut single, ‘Risk’.

Risk has many layers to it, at first it is a song about love and sex, but it also has the story of relationships, meeting someone, and evidently, as the title implies, promiscuity.

According to LuvAbstract himself, the “song is about two strangers who meet at a bar just before going home together for a one night stand.” With the story of the song being spoiled within the first verse as it “is a conversation between the two strangers.”

“The guy flirtatiously challenges the girl by telling her that he can go home with any girl he wants so, what makes her so special. The girl playfully replies by telling him that’s not really impressive because she can have any guy she wants so, what makes him so special. The verse is supposed to show that the two strangers have met their match for the night.”

Having previously release five other singles, with the likes of ‘Encore‘, ‘Opera‘, and others – Risk is a great addition to LuvAbstract’s already strong stable of songs.

Have a listen to LuvAbstract’s new single below.

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