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Norwegian pop duo Skinny Days are back, this time it’s collaboration with Emilie Adams on their new offering ‘The One That Got Away’.

Emilie Adams’ vocals are the focal point of the track as Emilie’s vocals reign supreme throughout the entirety of this new two minute and 47 second electro-pop offering.

On the collaborative effort between the three artists, Skinny Days noted how “’The One That Got Away’ is a song that mixes melancholy and feel-good in an interesting way,” and how the new single somewhat represents a partying lifestyle, which the duo go into more detail below.

“It’s kind of like going to a party with a broken heart and then finding the love of your life at 2:30am.”

On the collaboration with Emilie itself, the dup noted how much they enjoyed working with Emilie.

“Emilie Adams has a beautiful velvety voice and we had to get her on a Skinny Days song after working with her on TRXD’s major hit ‘Our City’.”

Having previously released tracks like ‘Home‘, ‘In A Good Way‘, ‘We Got Something‘, and many more. The One That Got Away is a great addition to an already strong stable of track.

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