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Byron Bay native Kyle Lionhart giving fans a taste of what’s to come off his forthcoming sophomore EP, Eleven and Two’ with the new single ‘Sweet Girl’.

Fans of bittersweet melodies, laid back, acoustic and intimate tracks are going to enjoy this new offer from Kyle a lot, ‘Sweet Girl’ focuses on a personal story told from the point of view of a father, with Kyle noting “the song was inspired by a conversation,” which Kyle had with his father, and how “he communicated how he may have approached the way he handled some of the more fragile and pivotal points of his daughters adolescence.”

“If only he’d known what affect these moments would have later in her life & the worry that forever now he will be chasing that ‘Sweet Girl’, and the memory that fades with her.”

The new single comes off the previous release of Kyle’s two other singles in earlier 2017, ‘Call Back Home‘, ‘Compromise‘ and a debut EP, ‘Keeping In Mind‘, which was released back in 2015.

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