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Having previously released her album Kiddo – which featured two of her most notable tracks ‘Borderline‘ and ‘Ego‘ – Swedish pop star Tove Styrke (pronounced Tuu-vay Stur-kee) has released the first offering since the release of the 2015 album with ‘Say My Name’.

Offering more of what fans have come to like about Tove’s music with the prior releases, Tove continues to use her trademark synthetic pop percussion and overlay of her vocal range, especially throughout the entirety of the track with the recurring lyrics, “Say My Name.”

On the creation of her new track ‘Say My Name’, Tove noted how “the stronger I sing, the less I can affect the song,” noting additionally on how the different vocal tone can impact the overall presentation of the track.

“The more quiet I sing, the greater the differences will be in the tone and texture. A lot of people are afraid to talk loudly, but there is a strength to talking quietly – thus people really have to listen to you. There’s no need to try to be a man in a man’s world.”

With Tove’s new effort not just being about sex and love, and bad experiences like the majority of other pop-love songs in the industry, Tove didn’t actually want to write just another love song, Tove went in a different direction with the emotion going into the release; of wanting to make music that makes her feel good.

Have a listen below.

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