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With the forthcoming release of To Kill A King’s second album, the London five-piece have released ‘The Good Old Days’, which as the title implies, reminiscing about the good old days is the narrative of the the new single

This three minute and 39 second offering showcases what fans of the five-piece have come to love since the release of their debut album, and previous singles and EP’s, more of their big, and harmonic atmospheric lyrics, percussion in the way of keys, drums, and organic structure, and the way the five-piece continue to shine throughout.

On the creation of the forthcoming album, To Kill A King’s Ben Jackson noted how they have been working on the album religiously on the follow up to their previously released debut self-titled album back in 2015.

“For the last year we’ve been locked in small windowless rooms with nothing but each other for company.”

To Kill A King’s second album is due out for release Autumn 2017. Until then, you can have a taste of their new single below.

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