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Having spent most of his career as the frontman and guitarist of Perth-based indie-rock three-piece Stillwater Giants, Duncan Saige (Moniker of Henry Clarke) has decided to go on his own and work on his very own debut EP, which consists of folk melodies and triumphant vocals.

The first offering of the EP is called ‘I Notice You’ and it offers a different direction from the previous raucous tendencies of what he was achieving with the Stillwater Giants.

Duncan’s process of writing was conducted in an acoustic setting with Duncan performing all the instrumentation on the track himself. Using inspiration from the likes of Kurt Vile, Bob Evans and The Tallest Man On Earth, Duncan worked in collaboration with Perth-based engineer Sam Ford (previously working with Pond and Abbe May) to create a new direction for the artist.

Duncan Saige’s ‘I Notice You’ is due out for global release on Friday, May 5, however, you can have a taste of it below.

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