influences from the likes of CHVRCHES, The 1975 and St. Lucia, today electronic-pop quintet Hicari have released their new single ‘Stellar’.

Offering more of what fans have come to like about the four-piece from Liverpool, Hicari continue to create atmospheric pop anthems with synthesised percussion that make this one of their best offerings yet.

Having previously released Catch Fire and Don’t Stop (For the Red Light), the new single offers more upbeat 80s pop than the previous releases – even though Don’t Stop was full of them!

On the lyrical production of the track, it gives the group enough time each to delve into the story of the track, tackling the subject of body image and the pressures to conform to modern-day, media perceptions of unrealistic beauty.

About the track, lead vocalist Shayaan noted how “from the age of 11 to 18 I’d been bullied for being chubby and it has always played on my conscience. My mum always told me otherwise but I was convinced that I wasn’t good enough to be seen as attractive. Where I grew up, physical ‘beauty’ was seen as the only thing that made you worthy of being someone and so I grew up determined to be what people thought was beautiful.”

“Now I see how subjective beauty is, we all perceive it differently and so for me ‘Stellar’ was being on both sides of the spectrum.”

2017 looks to be a big year from the four-piece out of Liverpool with more to come.

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