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Having previous released his EP ‘Stamina‘ and ‘Offside‘, I didn’t think Swick was going to come out with something as good – or better – as a follow up to Stamina, and Offside, but Swick has, and Swick continues to show why he is one of the best electronic producers in the industry today.

Having also previously collaborated with Spank Rock on the track ‘Ticketz‘, the collaborative vocals with U.S rapper, vocalist and Avalanches live member Spank Rock, work so well over the musical universe Swick has created.

offering a diverse range of sounds, melodies, percussion and computer generated beats, this new edition to Swick’s already strong stable of tracks, showcases more of what he has to offer with fresh new ideas and impeccable sound design. I hope these two collaborated for a third time in the near future.

Swick’s Polo Love featuring Spank Rock is out now via all major digital platforms – via Nina Las Vegas’ label NLV Records.

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