It has been six months since the debut release of Sun Sap with their single, ‘Hanging Hearts‘.

Since then, the six-piece could have possibly been working hard on their forthcoming EP release, as they were recently included on Farmer & The Owl’s Beached Mixtape, and have also spent some time supporting Polish Club and Hockey Dad and more recently signing to Harbour Agency for bookings.

Sun Sap will be heading out on the road to support The Citradels and Rminaters throughout Australia from Thursday, 4 May to Friday, 7 July in Newtown, Wollongong, Surry Hills, Coogee, Brisbane, Melbourne, Rye and King’s Gross at Marly Bar, Leadbelly, Rad Bar, Hollywood Hotel, Selinas, The Milk Factory, The Grace Darling, Baha Tacos and “Banquet” World Bar in their respective cities.

You can get a taste of Sun Sap’s new offering, featuring signature honky-tonk quirks, intoxicating swagger and woozy sun soaked riffs, below.

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