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Having previously released ‘A Sickness‘, Brooklyn-based five-piece Roya are back with a second taste of what’s to come off their forthcoming debut self-titled record – due out for release June 2 – with the new single, ‘Scum Rise’.

Working in collaboration with members of Habibi, The Clean Grooms and more, Roya take a look at Trump’s America from an immigrant musician’s perspective, this four minute and three second offering gives first-generation Iranian-American, Roya’s Rahill Jamalifard enough time to showcase the band’s collaborative work to tell the story of a “snake in the grass” – whether that is code for Donald Trump is left up to interpretation by the listener – throughout the entirety of the track.

The band continue to use their trademark psychedelic rock structure, using a bass heavy percussion with minimal drums and guitar with Rahill’s vocals overlaying the entirety of the track. Something that was highlighted throughout A Sickness and their debut single End Times – with a drum heavy percussion.

Roya’s self-titled LP is due out for release June 2 via Burger Records. Until then, you can have a taste of the LP with their new single below.

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