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Today, Melbourne electronic duo Leisure Suite have released their new single, ‘Don’t Wait’.

Don’t Wait is a platform all in its own for the Melbourne-based duo to refine the direction of their music within the span of four minutes and 32 seconds. While that seems like a long time, it is actually more than enough time for the duo to prove why they are one of the best new outfits in the electronic music scene coming out of Victoria.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Erykah Badu, Leisure Suite’s Bridgette Le gives off a raw lyricism flow, while letting her vocals strongly overlay what textured production the other half of Leisure Suite – Mitchell Wood – has portrayed on his side of percussion, in the way of digital beats, rhythm and synth heavy electronic elements.

While “a lot of inspiration has been from painful experiences that happened last year,” Bridgette noted how “Don’t Wait is about getting out of an all or nothing relationship and being left with the latter.”

2017 looks to be a big year for the Melbourne duo as a third record is possibly on the horizon.

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