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London-based folk duo, Ferris & Sylvester, have come forward with their first single, ‘Save Yourself’, taking a look at the average bittersweet love song.

Working in collaboration with the legendary producer Youth, who has signed the duo to his brand new publishing company Painted Word Music and in partnership with Big Life Music, gives the duo more than enough time to showcase to the world what they have on offer.

On ‘Save Yourself’, the duo noted how it “is a song that demonstrates the painful and brutal battle that encompasses a relationship.”

“The song is a truthful and honest portrayal of thoughts that we all feel but never say.”

To celebrate the release of the new single, Ferris & Sylvester will be h eading out on the road to perform at The Troubadour in London on Saturday (April 15th). Tickets are available through

To get a comprehensive look into the creative process of the new single, the duo released a behind-the-scenes video as they go about their day and showing what went into the new track. Have a look below.

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