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Having previously release ‘The Crown‘, ‘Houdini‘ and a remix by Jonas LR, the London-based pop-electronic duo of Ella and Alex are back with a new pop anthem that is just as fun and engaging as their previous release – with the new single, ‘Get By’.

Continuing to showcase more of what fans – and I – have come to like about the two of them: quick wit lyrics, great percussion work, and the overall bubblegum pop atmosphere trait they continue to produce within their musical universe.

While their music might not be for everyone, Cherryade want to change the narrative of pop music, Ella noted how “It’s hard being frumpy and a popstar, nevermind being a quarter Chinese.” (sic) with Alex adding his own reasoning:

“It’s a struggle being white, middle class and ginger – I’m constantly living in the shadow of Ed Sheeran.”

Cherryade continue to show why they are one of the funnest pop acts in the world right now and can be tied to the likes of other great pop acts HOLYCHILD and Death Team.

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