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Perth-based producer and DJ Tina Says is back three minutes of electronic goodness in the form of her brand new single ‘Sweat’.

This new single offers more of what fans have come to like from Tina with her previous release, more electro-house roots and grand percussion work.

Tina noted how “growing up with a very Greek Dad,” played an influence in her music making and how she “always liked the idea of experimenting with musical elements from the Mediterranean,” (sic) which have been included throughout her new single.

“A really strong concept came together in the percussion and strings which formed the basis of Sweat which the rest of the track ended up being built around to create something I hope produces the same kind of visuals and sensory triggers in other people that it does for me.”

Tina Says’ ‘Sweat’ is now out via all digital and streaming platforms. Have a listen below.

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