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With the impending release of JAMS The Flava Child’s ‘The Flava Child Experience’ – out 12 May – today, JAMS has given a sneak peek of what’s to come off the new record with the new single, ‘All I Know’, which features more of what the Chicago based UK-born artist has to offer.

With JAMS’ trademark blend of crafty funk and hip-hop collaborations, JAMS has continued to blend the two inspirations when he was growing up – with the likes of James Brown and Curtis Mayfield – and use what he learnt from those influences and implemented it into his own music to share, while establishing his very own signature sound with additional effort in with multi-layered hooks, candid rhythms and gritty raw beats.

JAMS noted ow his forthcoming release is a “reflection on the sacrifices in life,” (sic) while also “never giving up,” and not caring what other people think about you.

“When your on the path to greatness, God is gonna test you and throw the devil in your way just to make sure your ready to take everything your asking for.”

Having to walk to work for two miles a day, just to make $9 an hour, ‘All I Know’ comes from his own struggles and presents his relentless energy.

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