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SpongeBob SquarePants’ favourite band crustacean-sensations Shrimpwitch (Georgi Goonsack and Kim Prawn) have released their debut single as part of the Hysterical Records family, all the way from the bottom of the sea, with an ode to 90s punk rock and the use of alternative connotations, the duo from Melbourne have managed to make an impact within their debut effort that showcases the fun you can have with music when you don’t take it entirely serious.

This two minute and 39 second jam offers an insight into their style of music, which comes off as fast, punk rock, with a bit of female strong vocals between the two of them, echoing early 80s new-wave and garage punk with the excessive use of rockin’ guitars, drums, and bass throughout the entirety of the track.

With the empending release of the EP and three additional tracks, ‘Smokey Business’, ‘Minimum Chips’ and ‘Egg Paranoia’, this EP is looking to be one for the ages and one you need in your collection.

Shrimpwitch’s Lust For A kick is part of their debut EP ‘Eggs Eggs Eggs’, which is scheduled for release on May 5 via Hysterical Records and available for for pre-order now.

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