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Having previously released the first taste of his music with ‘One in a Million‘ back in February, Olsson is back with the announcement of his debut album, ‘Million’, due out for release on 14 May via Universal.

The album will feature four strong songs that, according to OLSSON “capture the feeling you get when you listened to music for the first time,” (sic) which gives an insight into OLSSON’s creation process.

“It was all new, playful and you were never sure what the fuck would happen next. Music is the ultimate playground. You can´t control it.”

The rework is done by an artist called Zomby and it features a shuffled breakbeat alongside classic piano house stabs, with the use of synth, and other synthetic percussion and trancey synths, while keeping to the ‘90s garage house narrated that inspired the original from Olsson.

Have a listen below.

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