UK based production company Double J Music has worked in collaboration with 20 different artists to release an album full of covers, featuring music from the likes of Alexa Goddard, Adam Christopher, Sleeping At Last, John Adams, Grace Grundy, Nicole Cross, Matt Alber, Jennifer Ann, Emma Heesters, Rajiv Dhall, Jacob Wllfair, Hannah Trigwell, Ashlyn, DENM, Suzan & Freek, Ella Poletti and many more!

While the list above features all the established and upcoming talents on offer, the likes of Ed Sheeran, Backstreet Boys, Nelly Furtado, Whitney Houston, Hailee Steinfeld, The Weeknd, Rick Astley, The Chainsmokers, OutKast, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and more!

This is a massive album that contributes a lot and allowed new and emerging talent to cover artists they enjoy, and get to show what they can do with their own music stylings to already established work.

James Kinnear from Double J Music noted about starting the release because they wanted to take classic music and make them fresh, with new and established talent.

“What drew us to these songs is the way each of the artists transformed the originals into something completely fresh and new. To take a party track like Cheerleader, and turn it into a heartfelt piano ballad – that’s the basis of what makes this concept so special.”

Acoustic Covers is now available via iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.

You can get a taste of what’s on offer from the album with an exclusive preview of John Adams’ cover of Nelly Furtado’s ‘Like A Bird’. below.

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