Leeds-based dreamy pop outfit Dream Estate (William Tse and Dan Hvorostovsky) have thrown their proverbial hat into the world of dream-pop music with their debut single, ‘Half The World Away’.

Showcasing what the duo have to offer with their first effort; coming it at just under three minutes and 40 seconds, the duo offer a diverse range of vocal talent from William and the use of their simple synth keys that are commonly found within the pop-sphere these days but with the narrative taking a more prominent role within the single’s structure..

On the narrating of the track, William noted how “‘Half The World Away’ is a chapter of a love story in which one’s lover is moving abroad.” (sic)

With a bit of “different emotions” and finding a way to deal – with your loved one when they are away – and learning from problems, the debut single from the Leeds duo offers a perspective on love and hardship that needs to be covered more often in music.

“It is told from the perspective of someone fearing the consequences of separation and the thought of reminiscing of intimacy with one’s lover when they are gone.”

As far as debut singles go, this one from Dream Estate is a great way for them to make themselves known within the world of music. 2017 looks to be a big year for the duo as they spent the first most of the early parts of 2017 working on further new material that will see the light of day soon.

Find Dream Estate online
Website – dreamestate.tumblr.com
Facebook – dreamestatemusic
Twitter – dreamestateuk
Instagram – dreamestatemusic

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