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Having just released is debut single ‘What It Feels Like‘ last month, the Swedish based pop singer-songwriter is already back with a second offering of what’s to come off his forthcoming debut EP due out for release in April.

In his second offering, Sandro takes the narrative of relationships and how sometimes they aren’t great for you and need to be let go. With the use of electronic production mixed in with Sandro’s vocals throughout the entirety of this short two minute and 50 second offering, showcasing a equally diverse set of range that was showcased within the first release continues over to Don’t Hide Me.

Sandro takes inspiration from artists that “do what they want to do,” (sic) and how they go about creating their immersive music.

“I really look up to artists who do what they want to do, who have a lot of integrity. Where you feel the decisions are made not around the dollar signs but by what they actually want to do.”

Stay tuned for more tour announcements soon.

Find Sandro Cavazza online
Facebook – SandroCavazza
Twitter – theplainwater
Instagram – sandrocavazza

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