Bare Traps release new double-side singles, ‘All In You’ and ‘Waiting Outside’

London based four-piece Bare Trap have released a new double b-side single with ‘All In You’ and ‘Waiting Outside’, which are both the first piece of offering from the four-piece for 2017.

With the numerous amounts of other songs released since their formation and the release of their self-titled EP, showcases some of their best work, as noted by them as of all the songs they have written so far, they feel that ‘All in You’ manages to embody the essence of Bare Traps the best.

“It’s our attempt to imagine the sound of sunshine. As a band, we’re all about good vibes, and this song is about sonically replicating those incredible feelings of warmth you experience when you first encounter someone that takes your breath away.”

That’s not to say ‘Waiting Outside’ isn’t a good song, they noted how the track offers “of a reflection on its predecessor.” (sic)

To celebrate the release of their music, the band is currently on tour throughout Europe, with gigs coming up in Birmingham, Chelmsford and Whitshire from 25 March to 5th July at The Actress & Bishop, Tooting Tram & Social, Under The Bridge, Chelsea, Basement Bar and Fieldview Festival in their respective cities.

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