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New York-based pop-punk singer-songwriter Talay (Megan Talay) has released the first single since her ‘Piece By Piece’ EP back in 2015, with the new single, ‘Parents’ House’, which showcases the advantages of still living at your parents’ house as an adult.

In an interview with Myspace – where the song premiered – Talay noted how “the chorus to this song came right to me early one morning as I was walking to my car in Brooklyn,”

“I’d crashed at a friend’s place in Bed Stuy after playing a show in Williamsburg the night before, and I was getting ready to drive 45 minutes back to the suburbs to teach morning guitar lessons. Living at your parents’ house can be a pain as an adult, but it affords me the financial flexibility to make records like this one so I’m not complaining!”

To celebrate the release of her new single, Talay will heading out on the road to play a gig at New York City’s Arlene’s Grocery on March 31 with her band and support from Narc Twain and Mae Capozzi.

Talay’s ‘Parents’ House’ is the first taste of what’s to come off her forthcoming S/T EP, due out for release on June 2.

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