Kris Angelis takes a look at the anatomy of heartbreak

Working in collaboration with writing and producing partners Morgan Taylor Reid, and Alexander Cardinale, Kris Angelis takes a look at the anatomy of heartbreak in her new single, ‘Heartbreak is Contagious’, using a mix of her trademark experimental acoustic vibes – showcased within the music universe she has created in her previous tracks – and the timely use of lyrics expanding her storytelling of what happens to people around the world.

In Kris’ new single, Kris covers a range of emotions throughout the course of the three minutes and 53 second song, which sees her take elements from her 2013 album, ‘The Left Atrium‘, Kirs’ 2016 all-covers EP, ‘All Covered Up‘, and a little track she released 28 days ago, with the follow up narrative of “a dying relationship,” and how one heartbreak can play in the bigger picture causing a chain reaction – leading to the eventual downfall of the relationship in the end.

2017 looks to be a big year for the California-based Indie/folk/pop singer-artist with the release of her forthcoming ‘Heartbreak Is Contagious’ EP, due out for release on June 2, 2017.

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