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Clap Clap Riot are a New Zealand-based four-piece that have touched on a global issue every known person in this universe faces: getting old… and how exactly can we fight against it? Well, in short, you can’t, however, the four-piece from New Zealand have touched on the subject in the first single off their third album, due out in early 2017.

Following on from the release of ‘Help Me‘, Clap Clap Riot have been able to continue to show their storytelling structure within their music, in this latest offering, spanning a total three minutes and 38 seconds, the four-piece have continued that trait with the latest offering.

According to Clap Clap Riot’s guitarist, Dave, their is a hidden narrative within the new single of taking the overall literal; “subject of getting old,” (sic) and finding a way to fight against it and eventually settling down in life.

“It tackles the subject of aging and the quest to fight against the desire to settle down.”

Clap Clap Riot are making their way to Australia to celebrate the release of their forthcoming third album with a three day tour through Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in April.

Thursday, 27 April – Bearded Lady – Brisbane, Queensland

Friday, 28 April – Grace Darling – Melbourne, Victoria

Saturday, 29 April – Brighton Up Bar – Sydney, New South Wales

Clap Clap Riot’s third album, Dull Life, is due out for release early 2017.

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