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Wayfarers are a duo I discovered back in late 2015, even though already having released a hugely popular track called, ‘Just Our Style‘, and then the Los Angeles-based duo followed up with ‘Follow The Leader‘ and ‘The New Original‘, all within a span of short time from one another.

The two previous offerings from the duo continued to show off their intriguing bouncy rock-pop offering they have created for their outfit, which also showcases three things: 1) the collaboration between the two artists; 2) Anthony’s great production work throughout the entirety of the track – following on from his previous works within the two other tracks, and 3) Katie’s vocal effort, which has evolved over the three four tracks.

Having previously met after their then separate bands, KSM and For The Foxes dissolving, the duo have formed a formidable partnership that has seen them work with Facebook, Verizon and numerous other companies on prominent advertising campaigns, which as seen their music shared worldwide.

This latest offering from Wayfarers shows how much they can pack into a song with this three minutes and five seconds song telling a narrative of “a more mature look into our creative brain, while staying true to its upbeat and infectious roots,” with the added notion of a minimalistic change to the duo’s previous releases.

“Lyrically, ‘KINGS’ paints a picture of a young recklessness, being inspired by music, and it making you almost invincible; kings of the record store.”

Wayfarers’ fourth release, KINGS, is now available worldwide via all good digital retailers.

Find Wayfarers online
Facebook – wayfarersrock
Twitter – wayfarersrock x katiececiil x anthony_purpura
Instagram – wayfarers x katiececiil x anthonypurpura

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