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‘Stronger Love’ is the second single by Los Angeles, California-based alternative-pop artist Toyko (pronounced Toi-koh), and it is a track featuring translations of pleading for forgiveness, with electronic colours.

With the previous release of the debut single, ‘Ghost Pepper‘, Toyko expands on the universe it has created for itself with the use of iconic synth/electronic textures known within the sector.

This three minute and 50 second track offers an insight into the world of Toyko and what it has to offer the world of music, with Toyko admitting the idea for Stranger Love came about after “a night of heavy drinking and a bunch of poor decisions.”

With the next morning bringing the notion of hurting someone deeply.

“It’s funny cause when I hear the song now it feels empowering, fun and uplifting but when I was writing the lyrics I was actually in a pretty dark place. I never set out to make a track like this, just sat down agenda-less and let raw emotion run its course.”

Toyko continues to be a formidable player within the modern pop sector with another entry from an already stable of offerings available.

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