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In a bit of sad news for fans of the Canadian sisters that were hoping to see them when they played their five gigs throughout Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne are unfortuantely going to have to wait a little bit longer, due to the fact Tegan has gotten sick and lost her voice while on a European tour in February, which, according to her doctor, is best if she stayed home and slept well.

Tegan noted how “after a second round of antibiotics and steroids,” she returned home and has still yet to recover her voice.

“At the recommendation of my GP, I have decided to postpone our Australian/New Zealand tour to continue my recovery and ensure I don’t do longer-term damage to my singing voice and health.”

Local Australian artists Theia, Bec Sandridge, and Montaigne were meant to support Tegan & Sara on their tour, however, that obviously ins’t happening now.

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