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Melbourne six-piece Saskwatch have released the first taste off their soon to-be-released fourth studio album, with the single, ‘December Nights.

Bringing in sounds from their previous efforts – I’ll Be Fine and Call Your Name – Saskwatch have brought back their trademark soulful atmosphere with the added bonus of Nkechi’s vocals throughout the entirety of this two minute and 58 second offering off their new album.

According to Saskwatch’s guitarist Liam, “December Nights is a song about memory, and the power it can hold over you, working to break down the mental barriers you set up for yourself…” (sic)

With the added notion of bliss!

“and the bliss you can feel once you do. The helping hand of a classic mate.”

Saskwatch are: Rob Muinos (Guitar), Nkechi Anele (Vocals), Liam McGorry (Guitar / Keys / Horns), Olaf Scott (Keys), Sam Raines (Drums) and Tom Pettit (Bass) and December Nights is off their forthcoming fourth studio album, due out for release in 2017.

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