Back in November 18, 2016, I wrote about a collaboration between two Los Angeles-based artists, Maggie McClure and Shane Henry on a pre-Christmas track they did.

With 2016 being a massive year of opening for such artists as Sara Bareilles, Alicia Witt, Walk Off The Earth, and Tony Lucca, having just released her third album back on 2014 – Time Moves On and appearing in numerous television shows – then releasing a whole bunch Christmas tracks via her collaboration with Shane Henry on their Happiest of Holidays EP via Soundcloud, featuring the likes of ‘First Thing On My Christmas List (Reprise)’, ‘When I’m Home’, ‘Kiss For Christmas’, ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’, and ‘Happiest Of Holidays’.

Maggie McClure has launched her music career into 2017 with the first taste of music on offer from the singer-songwriter pianist out of Los Angeles, in the form of ‘Be Right Here With You’, which is a soft and soulful three minute and 35 second track she has curated, showcasing her extraordinary vocal range and the use of percussion, featuring a lot of bright sounds via the piano and keys and minimalistic guitars and drums.

‘Be Right Here With You’ offers a continuation of what we heard from her Christmas EP, in the way she produces happy go lucky, bright, and everything is a-ok poppy music that. It’s a massive change from one of her previous ‘Fall Into Me’ release.

To celebrate the release of her new single – and her music in general – Maggie will be playing a gig on April 15 at The Hotel Café in Los Angeles, CA. 2017 looks to be a big year for Maggie as she pushes her music career forward!

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