Five-piece from Melbourne, Trojans (Jesse, Clayton, Luke, Andrew and Aaron.), have released the first bit of details for their forthcoming EP, ‘The Blissful Hollow’, which is scheduled for release on 17 March, 2017.

The five song EP, covers a range of diverse songs, from the likes of Dead Eyed Stare, Disillusioned, Faux Wolf, Letters To the End and Mark of the Crown. This five song EP is a must for fans of independent music, specifically Metal music.

Prior to the announcement of the EP and the new single, ‘Mark of the Crown’, Trojans released the first track off the EP, ‘Dead Eyed Stare‘, which featured the topic of depression and the lives of the people who suffer every day with the horrible affliction.

Appropriately titled ‘Mark of the Thrown’, Trojans’ new single features the vocals of Mark Poida, the vocalist from Brisbane Deathcore band, Aversions Crown. Trojans’ vocalist, Jesse Vanderhurst, noted on the meaning of this new track as the “displacement of wealth and power in today’s society.” (sic)

Continuing with the “fake smiles” of politicians and how they don’t exactly care for the little guy.

“We see the false smiles of our politicians promising the world with no intention of coming through with their lies, yet people eat it up, probably stemming from that inherent need or naive belief that someone will come along and be fighting for the little guy.”

Trojans’ ‘The Blissful Hollow’ is now available for pre-order via iTunes.

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