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Stockholm duo Death Team have officially kicked off their 2017 with a brand new song, all about work. However you choose to define work is left up to the listener.

Death Team’s new single showcases the band’s bouncy electronic pop vibes they have infused in their prior tracks and have continued that element of their song curating into the New Year (and beyond) with an inspired electronic anthem to shake off the everyday mundane work week. The single features more lyrical hip-hop beats and defined choruses, making Death Team’s new effort a much more loud and story-driven track then previously released track – ‘Messed Up’ – within the three minutes and 20 seconds.

Commenting on their new single, Maja and Johan of Death Team noted how the “song is about the feeling when you have to go to work even if you don’t want to.”

And how important is is too work because you wouldn’t be able to live in a home, so to speak:

“Because if you didn’t you would end up on the street. And you also love to have some money so you can buy stuff that’s on sale. Maybe a nice dress.”

Death Team’s all-new single is called ‘Work’, and it is out right now through Warner Music.

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