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From White To Gray

‘When You Go’ is the debut EP from Charlie Gray’s solo project, From White To Gray. Who exactly is From White To Gray? I asked him that very question.

What is the backstory of From White To Grey all about?

“I use to perform music which I wrote electronically with a live drummer and bassist. We released an EP on Glasstone records under the name of The Common. I enjoyed working with other people especially in a live setting as they were also two of my best mates but I decided I wanted to make purely electronic music mainly so I could use electronic beats and bass for a more dance like feel. That’s where FWTG came from. I still compose music in a very similar way to before however I also write the rhythm sections now. It can be tricky performing on my own but I feel that’s what defines the sound of this EP, it’s very much a solo record and at times I feel you can hear that it has been written by someone cooped up in there own space/studio for long periods of time.”

Why was ‘When You Go’ the title track?

“To most people I have played the EP to ‘When You Go’ tends to be the first track that they are drawn to. Probably because the melody is strong and memorable. It was also the first one to be written.”

How has the process of your music changed over the course of the EP?

“The tracks on the EP where all recorded in a very similar way with me being in the same head space through out. I’m studying an MA in Creative Music at Leeds College of Music at the moment. The course is centred around collaboration so I feel any new material to come will reflect this both in feel and sonically.”

Are there any songs that didn’t make it on the EP you really wanted to include?

“Yeah for sure, I suppose there always are. And as always there are ones which I personally really like however they weren’t quite polished or finished enough. I remember someone saying to me when I had my first gig with the ‘The Common’ that I would have a huge amount of material before anything got released and that seems to be the case.”

Any ideas for a second EP or an album?

“I have a second one pretty much ready to go with new material that I am very excited about. It’s going in a slightly different direction…hopefully for the better.”

What bands or artists are you listening to at the moment?

“At the moment I’m working on my own stuff a lot so don’t get a huge amount of time to delve into new music. Childish Gambino’s new album is great, also been listening to Tycho’s new one a lot. Also a fair amount of techno which is new for me and trying to implement that into some new stuff I’m writing. I love the intelligence and simplicity of it. The whole idea of only letting an instrument make a sound if it’s needed and introducing elements slowly so each one can have more of an impact.

O and psyched for Sampha’s new record, think it’s due round Feb time?”

What does 2017 look like for From White To Grey?

“Hopefully a second EP and then some collaboration with some of the amazingly talented people I’m around at uni.”

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