Release schedule:
Part A
(available now) | Part B (1 February) | Full Digital Release (1 March)

Synth Babe Records and Node Techno Collective are working together to collaborate on the release of ‘Volume 1 Babes of…Melbourne – Part A’ (which is out now) and ‘Volume 1 Babes of…Melbourne – Part B’ (February), which will cover two volumes of music featuring emerging Australian female electronic artists: Ok Sure, Ninoosh, Louise Terra, SAATSUMA, Paradigm, LACUNA, KT Spit, Chiara Kickdrum, Patricia Kay, Pillow Pro, Maya, Bek Davis, Symmetrix, Sophia Sin, Misumami, Khali Carter, Emah Fox and The Vainglories.

Ninoosh noted the gist of the collaboration with Node Techno Collective:

“We are launching the Babes of…Melbourne compilation in two parts over the summer in collaboration with Node Techno Collective.”

The idea to work on this collaboration came from head of the Node Techno Collective after having a meeting with Ninoosh and wanted to work with emerging female electronic artists.

All funds raised will go to the International Women’s Development Agency – IWDA is committed to equal representation for women at all levels in civil and political life. Globally, women hold less than 22% of seats in national parliaments – but also showcase an impressive group of emerging female electronic producers and front-women..

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