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One of the things I like about Australian musicians is when they collaborate on projects, they seem to choose the most appropriate people for the collaboration. In this instant, it’s the group known as “Australia’s first virtual band”, aka ‘nbn Virtual Band’. Not the broadband network, but the actual collaboration between four of Australia’s fastest rising musicians.

The outfit is headed by Melbourne musician, Darren Hart, whom as of late, has made a name for himself as one of the Australia’s best music producers.

Following Hart is Melbourne’s Rowena Wise, whom I have had the pleasure of playing on Eat This Music back on November 14. Rowena Wise also recently release her debut solo album, which you can grab by heading over to iTunes right now.

Rounding out the other two positions in the band are producer Jayden Rando from Western Australia. Jayden was chosen for nbn’s music collaboration project because of his unique style and drive for success on an international scale.

And Lucy Mills (aka Leo), guitarist and vocalist, indie folk artist from Wollongong. “Being part of the virtual band is exciting for me because I have no idea what the process is going to look like – it’s going to be a whole new way of creating music and will be a great process of development for songwriting in general,” says the Wollongong-based musician.

Acting as a mentor to the three other artists, Hart noted how you don’t have to be in the same room to connect with someone on a creative level, it is possible to do it over the internet:

“Music is now borderless – anyone can connect with and be inspired by anyone online and the nbn Virtual Band is no different. “The internet has been integral to my musical career, being discovered online when I first started producing and recording music from my own bedroom studio, so I’m thrilled to be empowering other music lovers to cross the digital divide.”

nbn Virtual Band are working on a single, which is scheduled for release in February 2017; the production aspect of this is done differently as none of the members will be in the room at the same time as “will soley connect and collaborate through video conferencing, Google Hangouts and share file websites, using services over the nbn network to create, share and perform a one-off, original track over the next few months, to be released early next year.”

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