Bec Sandridge releases new music video and details of her new EP

Today is a very busy day for Bec Sandridge as she announced the details of her new EP ‘In The Fog’, due for release on November 25, and the official video for her latest single ‘High Tide’.

First: let’s get to those details of the EP. The EP is going to feature five songs, two previous tracks from Bec, ‘In The Fog, In The Flame’ and ‘You’re A Fucking Joke‘, and her new release ‘High Tide‘, alongside two more previously unreleased songs.

About each of the songs, Bec talked about how she wanted them to have their own individuality:

“For each song I’ve put out, I’ve wanted them to have their own individual setting and all of my clips have been quite stylised.”

bec1 Bec Sandrige – In The Fog

1. In The Fog, In The Flame
2. You’re A Fucking Joke
3. High Tide
4. I Drove All Night
5. I Keep Running Back

Now on to that glorious Green music video Bec Sandridge has released. It features a big game of chess and a whole lot of Green. On the creation of the music video, Bec talks about how she worked with friends in Melbourne, went with buying bottles, chssboards, just to smash them against things:

“I made this music video with some new Melbourne pals at the Moreland City Band Hall, Giulia and Jam. We bought some sugar glass bottles and a chess board and we wanted to smash them against things and have a bit of fun with it whilst creating something a bit more sinister.”

However, Bec had other ideas for the music video that didn’t come to fruition:

Although I felt very compelled to feature myself driving a green Cadillac (speeding down an LA highway, in a green velvet suit), I also felt it was pretty necessary to flip the song on its head and create something sufficiently more subdued and slightly moodier than my previous film clips. My obsession with green still crept in for this one though…

You can check out the music video for Bec Sandridge’s new track ‘High Tide’ below:

Hey, don’t forget, Bec Sandridge will also be touring with Cub Sport and The Rubens throughout November to February.

In The Fog EP by Bec Sandridge is out November 25 on Farmer & The Owl via Inertia Music. It is now available for pre-order via iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp and Spotify.

* Quotes in this piece were taken form Bec’s interview with Yen Magazine.

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