Last month or so I wrote about a new group from Los Angeles called Cosmos & Creature (Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore) and their new single ‘Young’, which went on to get massive reviews and positive feedback from the world over, not that I had anything to do with the likes of their 8 Million Spotify streams, Spotify US Viral Chart Charting #4, Debuted Number 3 on Spotify Global Viral Charts, Spotify Viral Charts in Australia, UK, Taiwan, German, France, Canada, & Mexico, Billboard Emerging Artist, Soundcloud Pop New & Hot Charting, and much more.

However, with all that said, Cosmos & Creature are back with a music video for their first single, ‘Young’, which features Brandyn and Molly going on a journey from an airport, to the recording studio, to their first gig in May earlier this year.

Cosmos & Creature are a group I am enjoying a lot at the moment and I am looking forward to seeing more form them in 2017! As for now, you can check out the music video for ‘Young’ below:

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