Au Dré are a duo from Melbourne and this is their new single called ‘Watch What You Say’ or ‘#WATCHWHATYOUSAY’ for those that like hashtags on their social media platforms; the music video looked like it was a whole lot of fun to film, especially since all they are doing is playing Tennis throughout the whole thing.

This is the first time I am hearing the track and I have to admit: I actually didn’t know it was going to turn into a rap song until Audrey started singing. But, damn, it fits well and I enjoyed it a lot. The keyboarding skills of James works so well with Audrey’s quick wit vocals overlaying everything else – try and listen to the lyrics without watching the actual game taking place. It’s difficult to do!

Au Dré talked about the song being created when she accidentally became a rapper:

“‘Watch What You Say’ is a sentiment I’ve felt often. One night enraged by the rumours I heard surrounding my activities and personality I felt an urge to scream and instead accidentally became a rapper. The track is about people who are fundamentally all talk and no action. Those that hang around all the right crew, they’re always there, they’re always out and they’ve always got something to say about everyone even people they’ve never met.”

Au Dré is collaboration between vocalist and songwriter Audrey Powne and producer/keyboardist James Bowers, the two artists are no strangers to the Australia’s ever growing music scene.

James talked about what it felt like collaborating with Audrey for the first time on a new project. And where the inspiration came from for the music video to take place on a Tennis course of all places:

“Audrey initially had the idea for the video watching Serena Williams destroy an uptight Maria Sharapova in the Australian open. Watching two women one with all the grace and one with all the power fight it out seemed like the Au Dré Releases ‘Watch What You Say’ Video and Single #WATCHWHATYOUSAY ultimate internal struggle.

Working with their longtime collaborator:

We teamed up with long time collaborator An Architect Photographed my Undies, director Bianca Milani, pitched her the idea of a pretty, graceful, rich Audrey pitted against a gangsta and ferocious Au Dré who ultimately pulverizes her in an intense game of tennis and got to work. With a heavily female crew, we shot the clip in one tight stressful day.”

You can check out Au Dré’s new single for yourself below – you can also find out more about them after the video:

Get to know Au Dré


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