Rebecca & Fiona are a pop-electronic duo from Stockholm, and today they released their brand new single ‘Shotgun’ through Universal Music. The track is taken from Rebecca & Fiona’s brand new Party Hard EP, which will be released on Nov 4th, and features the previous singles ‘Drugstore Lovin’ and ‘Sayonara’.

The thing I like about Shotgun is how calming it is for such a pop/electronic heavy song. The vocals of Rebecca & Fiona shine prominently throughout the tracks with the repetitive chorus of “Shotgun, Shotgun, Shot-gun.” ‘Shotgun’ is a glamorous, sky-high anthem from the two-time Swedish Grammy-winning duo. With the irresistible harmonies of Rebecca Scheja and Fiona FitzPatrick chiming amongst soaring synths, ‘Shotgun’ is yet another example of the dominance of Swedish music in 2016.

As mentioned above, they do have two other songs featuring prominently in their upcoming “Party Hard EP”, which you can check out one of them below:

I’m still trying to get used to Rebecca & Fiona, but as of right now, I am enjoying their music a lot. Rebeca & Fiona’s ‘Party Hard EP’ is due out for release on November 4th, but until then, you can get to know more about Rebecca & Fiona and their music by heading on over to their socials below:

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