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The thing I like about Kid Zr0’s music video for their debut single ‘Rich Guy’s Party’ is the fact they crash rich guy’s parties and have fun. Now I don’t actually know much about Kid Zr0, but apparently they got “big” on YouTube due to their videos; gaining a lot of attention from some well-known names like The Script, The Vamps and even the King of Rick-Roll, 80s star Rick Astley. Pink even gave them a physical nod in appreciation for their cover of her song ‘Just Like Fire‘.

On the actual fun in the clip, Kid Zr0’s singer Brendon talks about how much fun it was – because let’s be honest, we’ve all wanted to cause chaos on a golf course while people are playing and get away with it too:

“The clip was amazing fun and everyone worked so hard. We’re happy with the result, but I feel sorry for the old golfers watching us tearing up their course!”

Kid Zr0 would like you to know that they are not a “boy band.” “We’re sick of seeing bands take themselves so seriously and worry about status and bling. Screw that. Have a good time. Open the doors. Everyone’s welcome. That’s what Kid Zr0’s about.” As this new found success has given the band opportunities they had never had before, sending them into the world of music:

“The last few months have been a dream. Taking a couple of weeks off school to fly to LA to record with someone like Andrew is completely not what I expected to be doing when we started screwing around in our garage late last year.”

Kid Zr0 (secret identities: Brandon – Vocals; Jacob – Guitar; Jamie – Guitar; Lee – Bass; Bailey – Drums) will be holding a launch show for the single on October 29 at The Lair in Sydney. Head on over to Kid Zr0’s website to grab your tickets now.

You can check out Kid Zr0’s new video below:

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