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Last night I ventured out to the Brighton Up Bar on Oxford Street in Sydney. It was the first time I had been to the venue, only previously been to the Oxford Art Factory a couple of years ago for an IGN Australia event. It was also a first in terms for music; the first time I saw Ayla live; the first time I saw ELKI live; and the first time I saw Alexander Biggs live, actually, it was the first time I have ever heard of Alexander Biggs.

Alexander Biggs and ELKI supported Ayla on this show – in that order – with Ayla going on last to a packed venue, I mean, sure there was still some standing room and not a whole lot of people wanted to move to the front, besides one guy that seemed to really enjoy dancing by himself.

I have a couple of highlights from last night’s show before getting into this review of what I can recall: Ayla accidentally bumping some lady with her guitar – apologies were exchanged, and the fact I was sitting down right next to ELKI and didn’t realise it, even though she was on stage 10 minutes prior to actually sitting down.

Also, just as a disclaimer: I am in no way a professional photographer, some lady was there that actually was a good photographer – from what I could tell from her fancy camera, and if possible, I will track her down and ask permission to use her photographs for this review, however, until then, you’re going to have to deal with my photos from Twitter, via my Samsung Galaxy (not the exploding one). Enjoy!

Alexander Biggs

Last night was the first time I had seen Alexander Biggs and his folk-like music style, featuring his one guitar and his vocals. But what I could gather, he is from Melbourne and he is very entertaining during songs (while he was tuning his guitar); he was very vocal, joked around with the crowd and told an interesting story about the story of one of his songs about his ex-girlfriend.

While I did enjoy his music a lot – I liked how his music was short, sweat and got to the point of his message – it was only right that I checked out his music on Spotify and posted the ones I enjoyed for you here. Even though he only has two songs on Spotify ‘Out in the Dark’ and ‘Tidal Wave’, which he mentioned the latter has a music video.

I am looking forward to seeing more from Alexander Biggs in the future. But until then, as I said in a Tweet to Alexander last night, I would definitely listen to his music again and I am definitely going to play one of his tracks on the next episode of Eat This Music when I do an audio review of the night.


ELKI is a group I have known about for a while , and they seemed to have the most vocal fanbase of the night – not that others weren’t interested in Alexander Biggs and Ayla, because that’s simply not true, it’s just ELKI’s fans were the most vocal, which was great to see, because I personally thought ELKI was the best of the night and they had the best song of the night, which I am really looking forward to playing on next week’s episode of Eat This Music, called ‘Golden Age’.

Unfortunately the track isn’t available on Spotify, so I don’t know when I am going to be able to get my hands on the song, maybe I should just e-mail then and ask, it wouldn’t be that difficult I’m sure! However, ELKI performed a couple of other songs, which I can’t recall at the moment. They started off with their hit song ‘Sirens’, which I really like and have played previously on Eat This Music, all the way back on June 26.

The thing I liked about ELKI’s set, besides all the great music they had to offer those in attendance, which included Thunder, Sirens, and a couple of others – which gave the group a chance to shine and show what they had to offer to those in attendance – is the fact how cool ELKI is, she has a strong stage presence and she showed that on stage last night with her great personality wise, strong vocals, and the amount of energy she displayed during the songs and after each song.

One again I am going to post two of ELKI’s tracks from Spotify below, coincidently, only two songs are available. However, I did contact ELKI to see when Golden Age will be coming out because I really want to play it on Eat This Music. As far as posting a photo like I did for Alexander Biggs above, unfortuantely too many people were in the way and I couldn’t get a good shot, so I didn’t keep any of them. As I said above, ELKI had the biggest fanbase of the night.

ELKI played – from what I could tell – all of their songs in the ELKI arsenal. I can’t recall how many songs ELKI played, but I do know ‘Thunder’, ‘SIRENS’, and ‘Golden Age’ were played. I am looking forward to hearing more from ELKI in the future and I would definitely go and see ELKI again. Their music was fun, upbeat and you could dance to it and have a good time.


AYLA was the headline act of the night, as the title of the event implies, it was the Sydney launch of her new single Like the Other Kids, and they put on a really good performance. Showcasing everything AYLA has to offer; vocally, musically, talent-wise, and more. That included six songs – their may have been more than that – featuring their hits ‘Like the Other Kids‘, ‘When the World Ends’, ‘Wish I Was’, ‘Waiting’, ‘Heaven’, and ‘House on a Hill’. The most well-known song from what I could tell, is the recently released ‘Like the Other Kids’, which recently had its video released to great acclaim, I actually wrote about it yesterday.

AYLA’s performance was great. She has strong vocals and with the backing of her band works so well together, with piano, guitar, drums and bass all coming together to make the great sound AYLA has created for themselves. She also has a great personality and while she did attempt to make a couple of jokes, they went highly underrated by some of the people in attendance because they were too busy playing on their phones or talking with their friends. Not that I am complaining, but it’s just a bit difficult to hear what the performer is saying when everyone else is talking so loud and talking over each other!

Keeping up with the theme of playing two songs each from Spotify, I continue that trent with AYLA. However, this time around I have chosen the two songs I enjoyed the most from the night. Those being ‘When the World Ends’ and ‘Waiting’. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy the other songs, because I did, it’s just these were my favourites!

All that aside, this was a fun night full of great Australian talent. I don’t have much to complain about as I got the chance to discover a new Australian artist in Alexander Biggs; rekindle my like for ELKI and getting the chance to see AYLA perform.

On next week’s episode of Eat This Music, I will be doing an audio review of the night with actual music, and not just all these words. So please stay tuned for that. I would also like to take this time to thank the good people over at Mucho Bravado for hooking me up with the opportunity to attend the night.

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